Constructive Nostalgia
Ed. by CentrePasquArt Biel/Bienne. 
Texts Rebecca Geldard, Daniel Morgenthaler.
Interview: Felicity Lunn with Clare Goodwin. German/English/French. Hardcover, 80 pages. Graphics/NORM
Clare Goodwin’s paintings—reduced as they are to lines, shapes, and patterns—are formally precise, hard-edge compositions. Entitling the works with English names that were commonplace in the past instils the sober sphere of geometric abstraction with humor and a sense of intimacy. The catalog fosters a dialog between newer paintings and a selection of older works, as well as current sculptural works and objects embedded in spatial environments.
An insistence on life-scale representation is key to all of Goodwin’s works, i.e. everything depicted is the same size as in reality. This concept has also been applied to the publication, for which Clare Goodwin has produced a series of 48 colored paintings that have been printed in a precise 1:1 size ratio.
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